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Henan puqiang Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Henan puqiang Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Henan puqiang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the small and Micro Enterprise Incubation Park of zhangsanzhai Town, the capital of health materials in China! It covers an area of 33690 square meters and a construction area of 59800 square meters. Setting: common consumables, high value consumables, rehabilitation physiotherapy, testing, instruments, supply room, research institute. Is a research and development, production and sales of independent innovation enterprises. The company has medical gauze block, disposable medium sheet (including bedspread), disposable maternal metering pad towel, disposable polyethylene inspection gloves, disposable operating clothing, disposable surgical hole towel, disposable surgical bag, disposable labor bag, disposable urethral catheterization bag, disposable suture dressing bag, disposable gynecological examination bag and disposable dialysis care Package management, disposable angiography bag, disposable sputum suction bag, disposable sputum suction tube, disposable preparation bag, disposable oral bag, disposable enema bag, disposable debridement care package, disposable ent bag, disposable perineum bag, disposable umbilical protection package, general anesthesia auxiliary package, medical surgical mask, medical pad, none Bacteria self adhesive wound stickers, disposable treatment napkins, endotracheal intubation, respiratory tubes for anesthesia machines and ventilators

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Plant features

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