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Function and characteristics of disposable isolation clothing!

2020-09-19 11:59:22

The function of disposable isolation clothing is to prevent medical personnel from contacting with the protective equipment used to avoid contamination of blood, body fluid and other infectious substances or to protect patients from infection. Disposable isolation clothing can not only prevent the infection or pollution of medical staff, but also prevent the infection of patients. It is a two-way isolation.


1. Contact with patients with infectious diseases transmitted by contact, such as patients infected by multidrug-resistant bacteria, should be well isolated.

2. The diagnosis, treatment and nursing care of patients with large area burn and bone transplantation were treated with protective isolation.

3. It may be splashed by the blood, body fluid, secretion and excreta of patients, so as to carry out effective isolation.

4. When entering ICU, NICU, protection ward and other key departments, it is necessary to decide whether to wear disposable isolation clothes according to the purpose of entry and contact with patients.

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