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What is disposable protective clothing

2020-09-09 14:42:25

Purpose: medical disposable non-woven protective clothing uses: the medical protective clothing has good moisture permeability and barrier, can effectively resist the penetration of alcohol, blood, body fluid, air dust particles, bacteria, safe and convenient use, can effectively protect the wearer from infection threat, comfortable to wear, good hand feeling, strong tensile resistance, air permeability and waterproof, no cross infection, etc.

Product structure:

1. Protective clothing is a one-piece structure composed of hat, coat and trousers.

2. Reasonable structure, easy to wear and tight joint.

3. Elastic rubber band is used to close the cuff, ankle mouth and hat face.

Function of SFS material: it is a composite product of breathable membrane and spunbonded fabric, which has the function of air permeability and waterproof. SFS (hot melt adhesive composite): composite products of various films and non-woven fabrics.

According to the protection function, it can be divided into health type protective clothing, such as radiation protection clothing, cold protection clothing, heat insulation clothing and antibacterial clothing; and safety type protective clothing, protective clothing, protective clothing Protective clothing, such as flame retardant clothing, flame retardant protective clothing, arc protective clothing, anti-static clothing, bullet proof clothing, stab proof clothing, aerospace suit, diving suit, acid proof clothing and insect proof clothing, etc.; work clothes to keep the wearer clean, such as oil proof clothing, dust-proof clothing and water repellent clothing. The structure of protective clothing has the characteristics of anti permeability, good air permeability, high strength and high hydrostatic pressure resistance. It should be mainly used in industrial, electronic, medical, chemical and bacterial infection prevention environments In addition to meeting the wear requirements of high strength and high wear resistance, they are often different due to different protection purposes and protection principles, ranging from natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, lead, synthetic materials such as rubber, plastic, resin, synthetic fiber, etc., to modern new functional materials and composite materials, such as impact resistant para aromatic polyamide and high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber products, oil repellent fluorination They are complex, radiation-resistant polyimide fiber, antistatic agglomerated acrylic fiber, copper complex fiber, antibacterial fiber and related odor resistant finished fabric.


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