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Disposable bath bag

2020-08-28 11:13:28

Disposable bath bag puqiang, quality and strength to do protection, as the saying goes: products are good advertising. For puqiang, a good product with high security is a constant commitment that goes deep into everyone's heart, and we believe that customer satisfaction is the final standard for testing products. Building a brand is not only the mission and feelings that an enterprise should have, but also an embodiment of being responsible to consumers. St. Gabriel always takes creating a beautiful living space as its vision and never forgets its original intention.

Yubao uses 304 stainless steel bellows with high thermal conductivity as the heat transfer medium. On the basis of strengthening the heat exchange efficiency, it is reasonably and evenly distributed inside the product, while the external part is made of PPR engineering plastic material with excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, compression resistance and thermal insulation, which greatly improves the product performance and service life. As for the bathroom floor, tap water enters into the inner cavity of the heat exchanger, and people stand on it. The waste water after shower flows through the surface of the heat exchanger evenly through the holes on the panel. The heat energy contained in the waste water is transmitted to the cold water in the inner cavity through the tube wall of the heat exchanger, which greatly increases the temperature of the cold water. Then, the heat transfer process is continuously circulated through the water heater or water mixing valve through the outlet of the heat exchanger, so as to reduce the heating power of the water heater or the hot water consumption in the water mixing valve, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving. The temperature of the shower is generally about 48 degrees, and the temperature of the waste water after the shower is about 40 degrees. For the cold winter, the temperature of the cold water is only 3-8 degrees, In order to increase the cooling water from 3 to 8 degrees to 48 degrees, the water heater needs to increase the energy of 40 to 45 degrees. The bath treasure can absorb most of the energy of the wastewater around 40 degrees, so that the 3-8 degrees of cold water can be raised to 20-30 degrees. In this way, the water heater only needs to increase the energy of 18-28 degrees. Compared with the original water heater needs to increase the energy of 40 ~ 45 degrees, the energy saving effect reaches 40 ~ 60%.

After using this shower gel, the body and mind fatigue can be effectively eliminated, and the skin cells can be fully moistened. Long term use can increase the elasticity of the skin. After washing, it will not be tight, and there will be no unclean feeling. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory effect. Enjoy the pleasure of bathing and wash away your tiredness!

The new touch bath showers, the delicate and rich foam is very pleasant to the mind. Natural cleansing ingredients do not hurt the skin and plant moisturizing ingredients, so that the skin keeps moist and smooth whenever and wherever possible. There is also a very fragrant and charming fragrance, as fresh as the grass after rain. Product name

Bi Ouquan men's dynamic Shower Gel 200ml

Product brand

Puqiang baby bath series


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